Take a look at who supports Laura!

Federal Endorsements

Former Representative Carolyn McCarthy

Former Representative Steve Israel

Local Endorsements

Hempstead Village Mayor Waylyn Hobbs, Jr.

Bellerose Village Mayor Kenneth Moore

Hempstead Village Deputy Mayor Jeffery Daniels

Hempstead Village Trustee Clariona Griffith

Hempstead Village Trustee Kevin Boone

Hempstead Village Trustee Noah Burroughs

Former Assemblywoman Judy Griffin

Former North Hempstead Supervisor Judi Bosworth

Lakeview Democratic Leader Scottie Coads


“I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Laura’s commitment to public service firsthand. As Hempstead Town Supervisor, Laura not only fought to eliminate corruption and cronyism, she lowered taxes, invested in the town’s infrastructure and worked in a bipartisan way to ensure families felt safe in their own communities. Next year, Long Islanders have the opportunity to make their voices heard and elect someone who will truly be their champion in Congress. As a sixteen year member of the House of Representatives, I know what it takes to get things done in Washington and actually deliver for the families back home. I can’t think of anyone more qualified to do just that for the fourth congressional district than Laura Gillen. I’m proud to endorse her.”

- Former Representative Steve Israel

“Laura Gillen is smart, she's tough and she's tireless and I am pleased to endorse her campaign for Congress in my former congressional district. As Hempstead Town Supervisor, Laura worked with Republicans to make government work, by eliminating corruption and cronyism, lowering taxes and improving lives for Long Island families. Every year, Congress has gotten more and more focused on political games and the extreme fringes are becoming more powerful, yet the issues we face like gun violence only get more severe. We need to send problem-solvers like Laura to Congress so we can actually get things done and protect our families and children.”

- Former Representative Carolyn McCarthy